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$52 million injection for PATS to benefit regional communities

The Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS) will receive a massive $52 million boost if The Nationals WA are returned to Government at the State election. 

PATS provides vital financial assistance to regional West Australians by subsidising travel and accommodation for patients travelling long distances to seek specialist medical services. 

Leader of The Nationals WA, Brendon Grylls announced today that The Nationals’ will increase existing subsidies, revise eligibility requirements and expand the scheme if re-elected on March 11. 

“Unlike city people, regional West Australians often travel vast distances to access vital health services so this scheme is essential,” Mr Gylls said.

“As the only party solely dedicated to regional WA, The Nationals’ understand the importance of ensuring all regional West Australians have access to specialist health services regardless of where they live.”

Mr Grylls said The Nationals’ flagship Royalties for Regions program had provided a funding boost to PATS in 2008/09 but there was room to transform the program to ensure it better meets the needs of regional West Australians.

 “A recent Parliamentary inquiry into PATS highlighted a number of issues with the way eligibility is determined, the outdated subsidy schedule for fuel and accommodation expenses, the health services and the claims process,” [Mr/Mrs Surname] said.

“This is why The Nationals WA are committed to the continual improvement of this important Scheme to ensure the standard of healthcare in regional areas, and access to services, matches that of the metropolitan area.”

For more detail on The Nationals WA commitments, read the full policy paper here.