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‘Nation Building’ gas grid holds potential for Goldfields

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The Nationals WA Candidate for Kalgoorlie Tony Crook has thrown his support behind a “nation building” gas pipeline between Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Mr Crook said he supported the proposal put forward by Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles to expand gas pipelines from the Northern Territory to WA.

“I’ve discussed this opportunity with Adam Giles in the past and there would be tremendous benefits for both WA and the Northern Territory to work together on a real nation building project,” Mr Crook said.

Mr Crook said the pipeline could form part of a National Gas Grid project eventually linking WA and NT gas to the Eastern States.

“Opening up opportunities for WA gas to be bought and sold on a national market could deliver benefits to our State’s economy and improve competition in the market.

“Off the back of new Federal investment in the Outback Way highway there exists a clear route linking WA and the NT which could form the basis for a gas pipeline route.”

Mr Crook said a gas pipeline could also deliver benefits for resources projects in the Central Desert area while creating new opportunities for communities in the Northern Goldfields.

“There would be huge benefits for remote communities who rely on diesel generators for energy. Being able to deliver natural gas to these communities, supplemented with renewable energy, would allow them to grow and develop.

“It may also make resource projects in the area more viable, such as the Metals X Wingellina Project, the Cassini Resources Nebo-Babel Project and other future projects in the Musgrave Ranges.”

Mr Crook said he welcomed Mr Giles comments and encouraged WA’s State and Federal MPs to put in the work to develop the project.

“WA needs to play an active role in these transformative and visionary projects,” he said.

“The history of WA and the Goldfields in particular is built off the back of long-term and ambitious projects such as the water pipeline and the Fremantle Port, which have delivered enormous returns to our national economy.

“We need to continue to have visionary thinkers like C.Y. O’Connor and embrace economic development and opportunities on a national level.”