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A vote for The Nationals is a vote to save Fremantle Port

For more information, contact Mia Davies (Leader | Member for Central Wheatbelt).

Member for Central Wheatbelt Mia Davies MLA has reminded country people that a vote for The Nationals WA is a vote to block the sale of Fremantle Port ahead of next week’s State election.

Ms Davies said The Nationals WA understood the importance of the Fremantle Port as a strategic asset, which is fundamental to commerce and trade in WA.

“Fremantle Port plays an important role in our State’s economy, agricultural communities and growing import and export markets,” Ms Davies said.

“The Liberal Party is hell bent on selling off the Fremantle Port – a monopoly asset that is vitally important for the Kwinana Zone.

“We understand that while every other rung of the supply chain can pass on potential increases in fees and charges, the buck stops with our farmers who will inevitably bear the costs.

“Obviously the Liberal Party doesn’t clearly don’t care about the many broad-ranging and unintended consequences for key industry stakeholders including the flow on implications for the sustainability of regional communities.”

In 2016 The Nationals WA used the balance of power to block the sale of Fremantle Port in State Parliament amid concerns about a lack of transparency around the legislation and potential outcomes for regional WA.

Ms Davies said they assessed the sale of State assets on a case-by-case basis and formed the view the farming community would lose out if the sale of Fremantle Port went ahead.

She said only The Nationals could be trusted to ensure regional WA has a strong, independent voice in State Parliament.

“The Nationals team understand the unique challenges, opportunities and priorities faced by country people because we live and work in the regions,” Ms Davies said.  

“We are the only party solely dedicated to regional WA and the best way to ensure Fremantle Port isn’t sold is to vote 1 The Nationals WA on both ballot papers on March 11.”

For media enquiries please contact Mia Davies on 9622 2871 (Northam office) or 9041 1702 (Merredin office) or email