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The Nationals have a fair plan for WA's future

The Nationals have a fair proposal to return the State Budget to surplus and strengthen economic development by overhauling WA’s legacy iron ore State Agreements which have not been updated since the 1960s.

Since charges and fees have risen for every West Australian household, we believe it’s time these outdated State Agreements were modernised to reflect current economic practices and so mining companies start to pay their fair share. 

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Brendon Grylls

Brendon Grylls is the Parliamentary Leader of The Nationals WA. His illustrious political career spans 16 years, including eight years as Parliamentary Leader.

Brendon is the architect of Royalties for Regions and is prepared to take risks to deliver the best outcome for regional WA and WA as a whole.

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State Election Candidates

The Nationals WA have a strong team of candidates ready to fight for your fair share. Our candidates are local champions with strong grassroots connections to their communities.

Our candidates pride themselves in putting their electors first - unlike the major parties they don't have to 'toe the line'.

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The Nationals WA are a small political party fighting a big fight to deliver for our constituents. Now more than ever, we need your support.

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