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Congratulations to newly elected Councillors

For more information, contact Terry Redman (Member for Warren-Blackwood).

Member for Warren-Blackwood, Terry Redman extends his congratulations to all newly elected and re-elected local government councillors.

“Putting yourself forward to run for Council can be daunting, and I commend all candidates who nominated to represent their community,” Mr Redman said.

“Candidates deserve our thanks for their willingness to step up to assume a leadership position.”

“Local government is the most visible and grass roots level of government, with Councillors setting the overall vision and direction for their community, as well as overseeing the governance of finances and projects.”

“It is encouraging to see regional communities actively involved in their local government, and this has been reflected in the relatively high voter turnout this year,” Mr Redman said.

“I extend my congratulations to all councillors, especially to newly elected councillors, and wish them well in their endeavours.”