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Container Deposit Scheme to benefit regional WA’s recyclers

For more information, contact Martin Aldridge (Member for the Agricultural Region).

Western Australia’s environment and recyclers are set to benefit from a container deposit scheme, announced this morning by the Premier and Minister for Environment.

Nationals WA Member for the Agricultural Region, Hon Martin Aldridge MLC welcomed the announcement, pointing to the obvious environmental benefits.

“Container deposit schemes across the country have had proven success at reducing litter, with South Australia enjoying one of the highest recycling rates in Australia,” Mr Aldridge said.

“Bottles and containers account for about 13 per cent of WA’s litter, where the same rate in South Australia, with their container deposit scheme, is about 2 per cent.”

“This container deposit scheme will reduce littering and incentivise cleaning up our State.”

The Nationals WA have a standing policy in support of container deposit schemes, with the party’s 2013 and 2015 Conferences calling on the State Government to implement such a scheme.

Mr Aldridge said The Nationals WA would ensure the container deposit scheme would make it easier for people in regional WA, particularly those living outside towns and major centres, to continue recycling and lift regional Western Australia’s recycling rate.

“Given the distances often travelled by people in regional WA to secure even basic services, there can be big barriers to recycling.”

“It is also difficult when households, in good faith, separate their recycling from general rubbish and it goes into landfill anyway.

“We want to ensure people outside the metropolitan area have equal access to this scheme, are able to recycle and benefit from cleaning up our State.”

Mr Aldridge said the scheme, correctly implemented, would improve issues such as broken glass on the street, litter along road verges and discarded cans and bottles, leading to a more pristine environment.

“Regional WA holds the key to WA’s tourism industry, and by allowing regional people to clean up their environment, the container deposit scheme has the potential to boost tourism.”

The container deposit scheme is set to begin in mid-2018. Under the scheme, consumers will be entitled to a 10 cent refund on most drink containers when returned to a mix of collection depots and reverse vending machines across the States parks, beaches and public spaces.

For media enquiries please contact Martin Aldridge MLC on (08) 9324 3155 or email