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Member for Kalgoorlie, Wendy Duncan MLA is encouraging all Goldfields residents to become a conversation hero this R U OK Day.

Ms Duncan said the annual R U OK? Day, which falls on September 8, is an important date for raising awareness of mental health and suicide prevention in the community.

“R U OK? Day aims to inspire everyday people to connect with the people around them and to support people who are struggling with the pressures of life,” Ms Duncan said.

As part of the campaign to raise awareness, R U OK is calling on people from communities across Australia to reconnect with someone they’ve lost touch with on the back of new research undertaken by the suicide prevention charity which revealed that one third of the population has unintentionally lost contact with four or more family members or friends.

“In an environment where technology is so heavily relied upon and making connections and contact with people is easier than ever before, the results are surprising,” Ms Duncan said.

“It is vital to the mental health of all individuals that a good support network of family and friends is there to share the load with, have a laugh with and share in life’s experiences.”

Ms Duncan said that it was not an easy task for others to ask for help and urged the Goldfields community to start the conversation, listen without judgement and help to identify what actions are available and stay connected.

To recognise the ‘conversation heroes’ in our communities people were encouraged to upload a photo of anyone who takes the time to ask “are you ok?” and upload it to the R U OK website explaining why they are a legend.

For more information about R U OK? Day visit:

For media enquiries contact Wendy Duncan MLA on 0438 782 034