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CRCs the latest victims of Labor's RfR cuts

For more information, contact Colin Holt (Member for the South West Region).

Community Resource Centres are in a state of confusion after being informed of drastic changes to their proposed contracts by the Labor Government.

A number of CRCs, which deliver important services in towns throughout Western Australia, learnt recently that their new contracts will be shorter than expected. The new Government will also be changing the services CRCs deliver and closing some centres.

This comes as part of Labor’s internal review of all Royalties for Regions projects, creating doubt about the future of some Community Resource Centres.

Nationals Member for South West Region, Colin Holt MLC said the Labor Government is simply using the tender process as an opportunity to make cuts to services in regional WA.

“It seems we are heading back to the dark old days when Labor were last in Government. A time when CRCs received almost no funding and regional Western Australia was a cash cow to fund Perth city projects,” he said.

Mr Holt said the news of a review into the functions and locations of the CRCs was also causing alarm.

“I regularly visit all the CRCs in the South West and strongly believe in the role they play in their local communities.”

Mr Holt said the lack of community consultation has also been astounding and typical of a Labor Government who have no understanding of regional communities.


For media enquiries please contact Office of Colin Holt MLC on (08) 9724 1181