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DCP exodus a major concern for WA communities

For more information, contact Colin de Grussa (Member for the Agricultural Region).

The Nationals WA spokesperson for child protection Hon Colin de Grussa MLC has raised concerns about the impact of a recent mass exodus of senior executives from the Department of Child Protection (DCP) on the agency’s capacity to serve the community.

Mr de Grussa said the loss of a number of senior experts from the DCP since Labor formed Government in March was alarming, given its significant implications for the level of service provision the Department would be able to provide.

“DCP plays a central function in the provision of child safety and family support services across WA, particularly in our regional communities,” Mr de Grussa said.

“Given the important and sensitive nature of this work, it’s concerning to see Labor’s rationalisation agenda having such a profound impact on public sector agencies such as DCP, which is already bleeding expertise as senior officials leave the Department.

“To date, the State Government has failed to highlight the level of savings that will result from its amalgamation process and it’s clear the Premier is flying by the seat of his pants without a coherent strategy for Budget repair. These ill thought savings measures are just another blow for everyday West Australians.”

Mr de Grussa urged the State Government to look beyond measures such as cuts to the public sector and increases to power and water prices, and to reconsider The Nationals’ plan for Budget repair.

“The Nationals’ plan to review the special lease rental fee contained within the State Agreements of Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton, would return $7.2 billion to the State’s bottom line over four years,” Mr de Grussa said.

“Contrary to what the Premier is telling the people of WA, savage cuts to the public sector are not the way to address the State’s structural deficit resulting from WA’s grossly unfair GST share.

“The Nationals WA understand that a robust and well-resourced public service is essential for effective and efficient service provision. Unfortunately, the Premier won’t show the political courage to increase an outdated charge that was set in the 1960s and has never been updated to ensure everyone pays their fair share to balance the State Budget.

“This is just the start of a decline in service delivery under the McGowan Government, which is prepared to defend the record profits of the State’s two biggest miners while slashing our public sector.”