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Eighteen Mining and Pastoral Region sporting organisations share in $223,500

For more information, contact Dave Grills (Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region).

The State Government has assisted 18 Mining and Pastoral Region sporting associations to further develop sport in the region, through this year’s funding round of the Regional Organisational Sustainability Program (R-OSP).

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Dave Grills MLC has welcomed news the State Government was providing $622,500 to 54 regional sporting associations around Western Australia, including $223,500 to assist communities in the Mining and Pastoral Region.

Local communities will benefit from funding allocated to the following groups –

  • GRFDC (Goldfields Regional Football Development Council) -         $8,500

  • MWRFDC (Mid West Regional Football Development Council) -       $17,000

  • Pilbara RFDC Regional Football Development Council  -                 $10,000

  • WAFC, Kimberley (Football Council) -                                            $10,000

  • Broome Basketball Association -                                                    $10,000

  • Goldfields Regional Cricket Board -                                                $15,000

  • Midwest Regional Cricket Board -                                                   $15,000

  • Pilbara Regional Cricket Board -                                                     $10,000

  • North West Regional Gymnastics Association -                             $22,000

  • Goldfields Netball Region -                                                             $12,500

  • Midwest Gascoyne Netball Region -                                                 $15,000

  • North West Netball Region Inc -                                                      $25,000

  • Pilbara Rugby League                                                                     $10,000

  • Kimberley Rugby League -                                                              $6,000

  • Football West (Mid West) -                                                              $15,000

  • Goldfields Swimming Region -                                                         $7,500

  • Northern Swimming Association Pilbara Region 6 WASA -                $8,000

  • Broome Touch Football Association -                                                 $7,000

“This is fantastic news for sporting associations and residents right across the Mining and Pastoral Region,” Mr Grills said.

“Funding for this financial year will help these groups provide sport and active recreation opportunities to constituents throughout the Region.

Mr Grills said increasing sporting and recreational activities in the Mining and Pastoral Region had been shown to be having a positive impact on reducing criminal and anti-social behaviour.

“Youth crime and anti-social behavior is a really concerning problem throughout communities in the Mining and Pastoral Region,” Mr Grills said.

“I am really supportive of programs that continue to provide sporting and recreational opportunities for people living in WA’s regions, as these initiatives provide positive and constructive alternatives for people, particularly youths, who may otherwise be tempted to become involved in anti-social or even criminal behavior.”

Nationals WA candidate for the Kimberley Rob Houston agreed sport was integral to people’s lives.

“This funding provides another way to create active communities throughout the Kimberley and Mining and Pastoral Region, enabling people to come together over a common interest or a sport they are passionate about,” Mr Houston said.

“Importantly, sport and recreational activities improve people’s physical and mental health, their wellbeing and assist them to feel connected to their community.”

Administered by the Department of Sport and Recreation, R-OSP funding assists organisations in the development of sport at a regional level, including establishing governance systems and providing safe access to competition opportunities to regional participants whilst also assisting in supporting coaches, officials and volunteers within regional sport.

For more information please visit - or call your local DSR office at Broome - 08 9195 5750, Kununurra - 08 9195 5750, Karratha - 08 9182 2100 or Kalgoorlie - 08 9022 5800.

For media enquiries contact Dave Grills MLC on (08) 9071 500 or email