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Member for Kalgoorlie, Wendy Duncan MLA, is pleased that eligible country age pensioners will continue to benefit from the Country Age Pension Fuel Card, thanks to an additional $106 million investment by Royalties for Regions.

“Under the Nationals WA policy, the Country Age Pensioner Fuel Card was introduced in 2009 to help regional pensioners who don’t have access to public transport, cover the costs of getting around and is currently benefitting more than 52,000 regional pensioners annually”, said Ms Duncan.

The Fuel Card is not only for seniors in regional areas. If you receive a Carer Payment, Disability Support Pension, Wife Pension or Widow B Pension, or a Department of Veterans' Affairs Service Pension, Social Security Age Pension or Income Support Supplement you are also eligible.

This announcement will see the funding extended for a further three years from 2017/18 to 2019/20.

Ms Duncan said that eligible pensioners are provided with a fuel card to the value of $575 to purchase fuel or taxi fares – an increase from $500 per card in 2009 and one that will continue to increase each year as per the Treasury CPI rate up to 2019/20.

Tony Crook, the Nationals WA candidate for the seat of Kalgoorlie, is eager to retain this funding beyond 2020 and is asking Goldfields pensioners and their families to be acutely aware of what will happen to the future of the Fuel Card after this three year commitment.

“Both Liberal and Labor are no fan of “Royalties for Regions” and although they both make loose promises about its future, how can people who live in the regions be assured of its longevity without the drive of the Nationals? They can’t”, said Mr Crook.

“The WA Nationals are the creators and custodians of Royalties for Regions and they are the only ones that can be trusted to ensure its future”, he said.

As at June 30, 2016, there were more than 52,000 active fuel cards in regional Western Australia with more than $24.7 million expended on fuel and taxis by cardholders in 2015-16.

The scheme is administered by the Department of Transport and delivered through WEX Australia Ltd.

People wanting to find out more about the Fuel Card Scheme can contact the Information Line toll free on 1300 666 609.


For media enquiries contact Wendy Duncan on 0438782034 or Tony Crook on 0439 350 155