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Hassell calls on Morrison for fairer GST share

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The Nationals WA candidate for O’Connor John Hassell invoiced Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison for more than $30.5 billion of WA’s lost share of GST revenue following his visit to Western Australia this week. 

Mr Hassell said the Federal Government’s inaction, particularly by WA’s Federal MPs and Senators, had seen WA’s share of GST revenue fall to a record low of 30 per cent, while no other state has ever dipped below 90 per cent.

“The Federal Government’s inaction sends a loud and clear message to Western Australians that we don’t matter to decision makers in Canberra,” Mr Hassell said.

“The Treasurer and Liberal team are happy to fund big ticket items on the east coast while WA continues to miss out.”

Mr Hassell said the Federal Government had acknowledged the problem, but had little appetite to make the necessary changes.

“The Federal Government have recognised the inequity in the GST system by providing a paltry $1 billion in ‘top-up’ payments to the State,” Mr Hassell said.

“Considering the $30 billion shortfall in WA’s GST share, these payments amount to little more than a band-aid for a bullet hole.

“They have tried to make this an issue for the States and have washed their hands with WA, but this is a federal issue.

“They have had years to fix this mess, but have achieved nothing, despite clearly having the numbers to do so.”

Mr Hassell said the Treasurer had a responsibility to show leadership and ensure all states received a fair and equitable share of GST revenue.

If he is elected to federal parliament on July 2, Mr Hassell said he would introduce a Private Member’s Bill for all Western Australians calling for a 75 per cent GST floor for all States.

“WA needs a federal team that isn’t afraid to upset the apple cart in Canberra to right this inequity,” he said.

“The Nationals WA has a strong record on this issue in the Federal Parliament,” he said. “O’Connor residents can be confident that I’ll fight the good fight on their behalf if elected on July 2.”