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Jensen paying lip-service to GST issue

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The Nationals WA candidate for O’Connor has accused independent MP Dr Dennis Jensen of paying lip-service to the issue of GST distributions to Western Australia.

A former member of the Liberal Party, Dr Dennis Jensen this week called for all of WA’s Federal candidates to commit to supporting a GST floor should they be elected to Parliament.

“While I’m fully supportive of a GST floor and I thank Dr Jensen for his sudden interest in the issue, it really amounts to nothing but lip-service.

“When Dennis Jensen and the WA Liberal Party had the opportunity to support a GST floor for WA in 2011, he voted against it, leaving his home-state to pick up the $4.7 billion tab in 2016-17.”

Mr Hassell said the Hansard record for November 24, 2011 clearly showed Dr Dennis Jensen sitting alongside Western Australian MPs from both major parties to vote against the GST floor.

“History has shown that Dr Jensen hasn’t been able stand up for WA on issues that count, like the GST or the Backpacker Tax.

“While I’m planning to work with my Federal National Party colleagues to get a better deal for WA, I’m more than prepared to cross the floor if the vote is in the best interests of O’Connor or Western Australia, and I have the support of my Federal Party to do so.

“That’s something that WA’s MPs and Senators from both major parties have never been able to deliver.”