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Labor's broken promise lets down sexual abuse victims

Mark McGowan and the Labor Government have broken their promise to victims of sexual abuse, after failing to introduce legislation to remove limitation periods for victims to take civil action against perpetrators and institutions.

Member for Roe Peter Rundle MLA questioned the Premier in Parliament today, asking why he had failed to introduce this legislation after promising families of sexual abuse victims that it would be the first bill his government introduced.

“The Premier continues to break promises to the people of Western Australia, but to break promises to victims of sexual abuse about introducing such important legislation is very disappointing,” Mr Rundle said.

“This legislation would allow survivors of sexual abuse to take action against perpetrators, or where relevant, institutions that failed to protect them as children, to take civil action without the barrier of limitation periods.”

When questioned, the Premier failed to commit to a timeframe for introducing legislation which contradicts his apparent urgency when he was in Opposition.

Mr Rundle said that the Premier’s response was not good enough.

“For the families of sexual abuse victims in Esperance, who have fought tirelessly to have this legislation introduced, the Premier’s failure to commit to introducing legislation this year will be a bitter disappointment.

“For some of my old school companions in Katanning, some of whom were victims of sexual abuse at the St Andrews Hostel, this failure by Mr McGowan continues to add to their trauma.”

“While I agree with the Premier that this legislation has to be done right, the delay continues to have a lasting impact on victim’s wellbeing.”

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