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Labor’s Regional Rip Off Now Targeting Ag Colleges

For more information, contact Colin Holt (Member for the South West Region).

Nationals Member for the South West Region Colin Holt MLC says that the Labor Government’s plan to pull out 20 percent of funds from the Agricultural Education Farm Provisions Trust each year is a further extension of the regional rip-off being perpetrated by the McGowan Government.

WA College of Agriculture in Harvey is one of the five WA agricultural colleges that will be impacted by the plan, as well as Cunderdin, Denmark, Morawa and Narrogin that all contribute 40 percent of farm revenue to the Trust monthly.

The Trust funds are used for farm development and purchase of farm machinery, licensing and insurance for vehicles and machinery and fencing. It is also used to promote and support agricultural education programs in schools.

Mr Holt said the Colleges had worked hard to build financially sustainable programs that contribute to the Farm Provision Trust budget and that McGowan’s plan to take 20 per cent of the trust budget annually undermines the system that ensures WA Colleges of Agriculture operate independently, self sustainably and with financial autonomy. 

“It’s ridiculous to pull money from a system that reduces the need to access Government funds for operational or machinery costs.”

Mr Holt said that Labor Member Robyn Clarke had betrayed the Murray-Wellington electorate by remaining silent about the regional rip-off as her city cronies redirect Royalties for Regions to metro projects and slash and burn regional education, policing, Community Resource Centres, KidSport, Community Pool Revitalisation and the Volunteer and Pensioner Age Fuel cards.

“Labor says these are budget repair measures, but really they are redirecting regional funding to Metro based projects like multi-story car parks, marinas and Metronet”.

For media enquiries please contact Office of Colin Holt MLC on (08) 9724 1181