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Love issues budget wishlist

For more information, contact Shane Love (Member for Moore ).

Moore MP Shane Love MLA has outlined his wish list of projects to be funded ahead of this week’s State Budget but admits local communities are on tenterhooks preparing for more Labor cuts.

Mr Love said after just 12 months in power, the McGowan Government had decimated Moore by failing to honour funding for education, health and aged care committed by the last government.

“With more than 70 per cent of Labor’s party room taken up by city seats we suspected regional WA would be neglected by this Government but the extent of that neglect has shocked many to the core,” Mr Love said. “The regional credentials of the McGowan Government are in tatters and, sadly, I fear it’s only going to get worse from here.”

Mr Love said he was hoping to see funds on Thursday for the Moora Residential College upgrade, the vital Turquoise Coast Health Initiative health package and upgrades to the Northam – Pithara Road, Indian Ocean Drive and Toodyay Road.

“These projects as well as adequate future funding for Community Resource Centres are essential to the continued growth of our community,” Mr Love said.

“This is the McGowan Government’s chance to extend an olive branch to the towns and residents they’ve hung out to dry during their first year in power.”

Despite the cuts which have ravaged Moore already, Mr Love said he was not holding his breath for a good outcome on Thursday.

“There are many Perth projects which Labor promised to deliver that still have no funding allocated. These will be treated as priority,” he added. “It is an unfortunate reality in regional WA now that we have slipped down the pecking order.

“After eight years of having a seat at the table through The Nationals and Royalties for Regions, regional WA is now an afterthought, seen as a low-hanging fruit for the McGowan Government to target.

“The Government assumes because regional communities are sparse with smaller populations that we will just accept these cuts lying down. But we have seen that through people power, our communities can make a difference and force the Government to not take the bush for granted.

“The efforts of our communities has seen the School of the Air saved.”

Leader Mia Davies said the Government would try to sell regional cuts as ‘budget repair’ but this was untrue.

“The truth is that cuts from Moore are being funnelled directly back into Perth to pay for Labor election promises,” Ms Davies said. “The McGowan Government’s underbelly has been exposed. They are prioritising Perth ahead of regional areas.

“If a Government in its first year has the audacity to cut funding to community resource centres, regional education facilities, camp schools and core services such as health and aged care, one has to ask what will be next?”