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Menzies youth centre underway with Lotterywest

For more information, contact Wendy Duncan (Former Member for Kalgoorlie).

The Shire of Menzies was today presented with a Lotterywest Cheque with the funds going towards a new Youth Centre for the town.

Wendy Duncan MLA, presenting the cheque to Acting Shire CEO, Pascoe Durtanovich, said that it was promising to see big plans for the town coming to fruition with thanks to the ongoing work by the Shire and the local community.

The Lotterywest cheque, which is for $206,000, will see a new Youth Centre constructed adjacent to the community playground, tennis/basketball courts and the Shire civic centre and will include:-

  • A Space for activities;
  • Small kitchenette area;
  • Administration area;
  • Private office space for external youth agencies to operate;
  • Amphitheatre; and
  • Fire pit area.

Ms Duncan said that the project has resulted from identification of need by local youth and other community members and leaders and confirmed during engagement sessions.

“The beauty of this project is that the whole community have come together to identify an area that requires significant infrastructure to support youth to engage, develop and thrive,” Ms Duncan said.

“A special congratulations go to the local youth council for being actively involved in highlighting the need for such a facility, as they did with the Menzies Water Park, to the Shire for being proactive in this area and to Lotterywest for seeing the potential in the project and providing funding.”

Acting Shire CEO, Pascoe Durtanovich also went on to thank Lotterywest for their contribution saying:-

“Without Lotterywest funding this project would not proceed. Lotterywest is unique, the only lottery in Australia in fact where money raised from the sale of Lotterywest games is distributed directly to Western Australian communities, such as ours, through grants”.

The new Youth Centre will provide a safe, inclusive and accessible environment for young people to connect and contribute to their community, building positive relationships, promote teamwork and empower decision making.