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Meth Nurses needed for Geraldton

Nationals WA MP and candidate for the seat of Geraldton Paul Brown MP has welcomed the announcement of six specialist drug and alcohol clinical nurses for selected hospitals across Western Australia, but is asking why Geraldton has missed out?

The specialist nurses will work in the emergency departments of Rockingham, Armadale-Kelmscott, Midland, Royal Perth and Bunbury hospitals, and Joondalup and Peel health campuses to assist with the treatment of patients affected by drugs and alcohol, but particularly support medical staff in the treatment of complex meth-related cases.

“The specialist clinical nurses and welcomed and much needed, and I am happy that that the Liberal National government is providing the service,” Mr Brown said.

“But I am disappointed that Geraldton has not been included, as it is well-known that we are struggling with methamphetamine addiction in our city.”

Earlier this year, the State Government commissioned the University of South Australia to analyse raw sewerage examples from WA treatment facilities for Perth, Bunbury and Geraldton, to test for the presence of methamphetamine in the wastewater. 

Mr Brown said, “This testing showed that Geraldton recorded an average of 314 doses per week, and while not as high as Perth and Bunbury, the results are a startling indication of what we are dealing with here in Geraldton.”

“Not only does methamphetamine addiction strain our policing resources, it also impacts greatly on the emergency department of the Geraldton Regional Hospital, and primary, allied and rehab health services.”

“A specialist meth nurse would have gone a long way to better support our emergency department doctors and nurses to deal with what is becoming an escalating problem across our community.”