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Mia Davies pays tribute to outgoing Leader Brendon Grylls

Deputy Leader of The Nationals WA and Member for Central Wheatbelt Mia Davies has paid tribute to outgoing Leader Brendon Grylls. 

“I wish to acknowledge the enormous contribution Brendon Grylls has made to Western Australia,” Ms Davies said.

“His departure from the WA political landscape is a loss - as the architect of the Royalties for Regions program, he has been responsible for unprecedented change and improvement in regional Western Australia.

“I have worked with Brendon in one way or another since 2002 and have been proud to serve in the Parliament with him, and as his Deputy.”

Ms Davies said the transition Mr Grylls made to the Pilbara had been a risk but had increased the Party’s support and ensured The Nationals remained a strong political force.

“Brendon has pushed the boundaries and tested the political system to put regional West Australians front and centre,” Ms Davies said.

“No one can deny the impact Royalties for Regions has made, no matter where you live, no matter how big or small the town, he’s been their champion.”

She said the campaign in the Pilbara was extraordinary, with every political party and the major mining companies BHP and RTIO combining forces to target Mr Grylls.

“The result is disappointing, but we all knew there was a risk,” she said.

“Our team will continue to work hard on behalf of regional WA, we’ve been serving them for more than 100 years and we’ll be here for many more to come.

“My thanks go to Brendon for stepping up to the plate and daring to be bold, we need more people like him in Parliament, not less.”