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Minister for Sport Turns His Back on Regional WA

For more information, contact Peter Rundle Rundle (Member for Roe).

Sport and Recreation Minister Mick Murray confirmed his complete lack of respect for regional WA in Parliament yesterday, turning his back on the regional constituents he claims to represent.

Nationals WA Sport and Recreation Spokesperson Peter Rundle MLA said the Minister was unable to answer a question about how closing regional camp schools would limit access to sport and recreation opportunities – a key element of his portfolio responsibility.

“The best response the Minister was able to give to the question was that camp schools ‘were not in his area’,” Mr Rundle said.

“He’s shown complete disregard for how Labor’s unfair plan to close camp schools will impact access to outdoor education, sport and recreation opportunities at these venues, which are predominantly in regional locations.

Mr Rundle said the Minister’s dismissive response demonstrated contempt for serious issues impacting regional communities.

“In follow-up to my question I asked the Minister, who is a regional Member of Parliament, if he supported closure of camp schools and the best he could muster was ‘ditto’,” Mr Rundle said.

“Camp schools are an important avenue for regional, rural and remote students to access active recreation opportunities, and that fits firmly within the remit of the Minister for Sport,” Mr Rundle said.

“It boggles the mind that as a regional Minister who should be advocating sport and recreation he refuses to condemn this decision, which will further increase the challenges students in regional WA already face.”

“It is clear he is a regional Minister who is beholden to the city-centric agenda of his Perth-first Premier and colleagues.”