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Nationals commit to rebuilding Laverton Hospital

The Nationals WA will use Royalties for Regions to deliver a new Laverton Hospital servicing the Northern Goldfields should the Party form Government after the 2021 State Election.

Leader Mia Davies was in Laverton today to announce a commitment to reallocate the $19.5 million cut by the McGowan Government in its first Budget and ensure the new health hub gets built as a priority.

Ms Davies said the new Laverton Hospital had been planned, costed and funded by The Nationals before Labor withdrew the money for the rebuild in 2017.

“Had the Liberal-National Government been re-elected in 2017 we would today be standing at the new Laverton Hospital which would be nearing practical completion,” Ms Davies said.

“Instead, we find the same dilapidated facility which hasn’t seen a major upgrade in more than 45 years.

“The decision - and it was a choice - to rip money out of this vital project stands testament to Labor’s city-first approach to governing.

“It was a disgraceful decision and one which has caused this community a lot of pain. The Nationals today commit to ending that pain and delivering the long-awaited Laverton Hospital.”

Having done almost two years of planning and consulting while in Government, The Nationals have recommitted to delivering the upgrade in full.

“This includes building a new emergency department, a general practice area, home and community services, clinical services for a visiting specialist, overnight beds for patients awaiting transfer and six independent living units,” Nationals WA health spokesperson Martin Aldridge said.

“The Nationals are committed to delivering quality health and aged care services in regional WA. We will finish what we started in Laverton and deliver a facility capable of servicing the Northern Goldfields for decades to come.”

Local MP Jacqui Boydell said Labor had failed Laverton by cutting the long awaited new hospital.

“The Health Minister is on record saying the facility is ‘sub-par’ and yet he still saw fit to cut the money we had put aside for the project while in Government,” Ms Boydell said.

“Labor’s awful track record in the Goldfields has been reinforced by this project and The Nationals look forward to the McGowan Government finally committing to Laverton on the back of our announcement today.

“If they fail to match our commitment then the community will have a clear choice when they go to the ballot box in 2021.”