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Nationals committed to affordable air travel for Geraldton

Local Candidate for Geraldton Paul Brown has reaffirmed The Nationals WA’s status as the party of cheaper and more connected flights ahead of the State election. 

The Nationals WA recently committed a massive $125 million to address airfare affordability and route development across regional WA as part of the Party’s $610 million Seizing the Opportunity: Tourism strategy.

Under the plan, The Nationals committed to establish of a Select Committee of Parliament to investigate and deliver recommendations on the allocation of the Fund. 

“The Nationals are the only party determined to drive a drive a regional viable aviation strategy that delivers cheaper regional airfares and more connected air routes for the people of regional WA,” Mr Brown said.

“Regional aviation is the public transport of regional WA and every year the State Government subsidises trains, buses and ferries in the Perth metropolitan area to the tune of $1 billion annually.

“This is why we are seeking to make our regional public transport system affordable to drive greater positive economic and social outcomes for country people including the Geraldton community.” 

Addressing comments by Liberal Candidate for the Pilbara who recently stated that only Pilbara residents should be afforded a subsidy to relieve the costs of regional air travel, Mr Brown said all regional West Australians shared the need for quality, connected and reliable air travel.

“Obviously the Liberals think the Pilbara is the only region that deserves a subsidy to deliver cheaper airfares,” Mr Brown said.

“But what about the rest of the State including the people of Geraldton who also contend with unacceptably high regional airfares?”

Mr Brown said The Nationals’ commitment would be a game-changer for businesses, families and communities in Geraldton.

“The Nationals WA are the only party with a real plan to deliver more affordable airfares and increased connectivity on regional air routes,” Mr Brown said.  

“While the major parties talk, The Nationals WA actually deliver real outcomes for regional communities.”


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