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Nationals MPs concerned about future of Lucky Bay Campgrounds

For more information, contact Colin de Grussa (Member for the Agricultural Region).

The Labor Government refused to commit to funding the ongoing upgrades of the Lucky Bay campground, after Hon Colin de Grussa MLC questioned the Minister for Regional Development in Parliament last night.

Member for the Agricultural Region, Mr de Grussa said he was very concerned with the Minister’s answers to his questions.

“I’m very disappointed that the Labor Government refused to commit to completing the Lucky Bay campground upgrades,” Mr de Grussa said.

“Lucky Bay is Australia’s whitest beach, and one of our most beautiful natural assets. Tourists and locals alike flock to Lucky Bay in summer, and these much-needed upgrades were an important means of supporting the tourism industry throughout the region.”

“The lack of commitment from the Minister leaves a half-completed project in limbo. Not committing to completing the upgrades flies in the face of the Labor Government’s plan to create jobs and broaden the economy through facilitating growth in the tourism sector.”

Member for Roe Peter Rundle MLA echoed Mr de Grussa’s comments.

“The Nationals had committed $2.95 million from Royalties for Regions to complete the upgrades,” Mr Rundle said.

“Lucky Bay is an iconic beach, and an asset to the region. The upgrades were a boon for the local tourism industry, and I firmly believe these upgrades were going to be the key to unlocking the tourism potential of the region.”

“The Labor Government say they are reviewing all Royalties for Regions projects to ‘ensure they deliver the best outcomes for regional WA in a challenging fiscal environment’”.

“What they’re actually doing, is robbing regional WA of vital infrastructure, services, economic development opportunities and funding to pay for their metro based projects.”

The Nationals WA in government had committed $2.95 million for stage two of the Lucky Bay campgrounds upgrade, and had funded $3.1 million for the stage one upgrades, through Royalties for Regions.