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Nationals to Introduce Jetty Protection Amendments to Heritage Bill

For more information, contact Peter Rundle Rundle (Member for Roe).

Nationals WA Members of Parliament Peter Rundle and Vincent Catania will introduce amendments to the Heritage Bill 2017 to preserve the state’s three remaining timber jetties.

Mr Rundle and Mr Catania have attempted to introduce specific legislation to protect the Esperance, Carnarvon and Busselton jetties, but this came to a halt after they received advice from the Parliamentary Counsel’s Office that the office was too busy giving priority to drafting Government legislation to allocate resources to this bill.

Mr Rundle said that while it was disappointing that the Government failed to provide the resources to draft the jetties protection bill, the jetties could still be protected by including an amendment to the Heritage Bill.

“These jetties are an important aspect of WA’s heritage, and our amendment to the Heritage Bill calls for their preservation as places of cultural significance,” Mr Rundle said.

“Our amendment details that while modern alternative structural materials may be used internally to ensure the long-term sustainability of each of the Three Jetties, but the outwards wooden appearance of each jetty must be retained.”

Mr Catania, who will move the amendment, said that the Three Jetties were important pieces of cultural and tourism infrastructure, that if left to rot would be a real loss to Western Australia’s heritage.

“Our amendment to the Heritage Bill will secure annual funding for maintenance to ensure that these historical jetties are restored to their former glory,” Mr Catania said.

“The amendment also prescribes that each of the Three Jetties are made available to industries such as tourism, commerce and small business on a fair and equitable basis, which will stimulate local economies.”

The amendment will be discussed in the consideration in detail stage of the bill.

"We call on our parliamentary colleagues to support this amendment and act in the best interests of our important heritage and cultural fabric,” Mr Rundle said.