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Nationals WA: Labor all talk no action

Nationals WA Science and Innovation spokesman Colin de Grussa MLC has labelled the Labor Government the “Government of talk not action” following the announcement of yet another summit.

Mr de Grussa said the McGowan Government was using forums to tick the “consultation” box without engaging in proper consultative processes.

“These summits are talkfests, which the Government use as a rubber-stamping exercise, instead of properly consulting with the people of Western Australia,” Mr de Grussa said.

The Minister for Regional Development today announced a Regional Innovation Summit to discuss the New Industries Fund and potential models for fostering regional innovation and entrepreneurship.

“If this summit is anything like the June Bushfire Mitigation Summit held by the Emergency Services Minister, the majority of attendees will be government staffers, instead of key stakeholders and people with vested interests,” Mr de Grussa said.

The bushfire summit and more recent wild dog forum were put together at the drop of a hat and stakeholder group attendance was by invitation only, with many important groups and individuals left unrepresented.

“If the Government was truly committed to obtaining community feedback, they’d be traversing the State talking to as many stakeholders as possible, instead of hosting exclusive invite-only events.”

Mr de Grussa said the McGowan Government was fast becoming the Government of summits rather than engaging in productive and widespread consultation.

“These summits serve as a convenience for the Government’s Perth-based Ministers so they can pull stakeholders from across the state into a single room close to the city,” he said.

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