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Nationals WA: Slow down and enjoy the journey

Nationals WA spokesman for road safety and Member for the Agricultural Region Hon Martin Aldridge MLC is urging motorists to slow down and enjoy the journey this Easter holiday weekend.

As more road users get behind the wheel for their Easter holiday in regional Western Australia, Mr Aldridge said road safety should be a priority of drivers and passengers.

“No one wants to spend Easter mourning the loss or injury of a friend or loved one, I am urging all drivers to do the right thing on the roads this Easter holiday,” he said.

“We consistently hear of the same behaviours leading to road deaths and serious injuries.

“Everyone needs to do their bit, drive to the conditions, stick to the road rules, be courteous of other road users and keep your headlights on at all times.”



Regional WA remains overrepresented when it comes to road deaths, with 21 of 37 fatalities this year occurring on country roads.

The figure for overall deaths on WA roads in the year to date is above the same period in 2017, which was among the lowest annual state-wide fatality rates since 1999.

Mr Aldridge reminded drivers not to become another statistic this Easter and to spare a thought for first responders who are called out to serious road crashes.

“Let’s all aim for a fatality-free weekend,” he said.

“Make sure you buckle up and definitely don’t drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“Slow down and enjoy the journey – take breaks, swap drivers, refresh and stop to experience WA’s magical countryside during your travels to help manage fatigue.”