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No reprieve for Moora College in Labor budget

For more information, contact Shane Love (Member for Moore ).

Moore MP Shane Love MLA has expressed his grave disappointment that last week’s budget has completely overlooked the Moora College.

Mr Love said the McGowan government had only to allocate a few hundred thousand dollars to keep the College open beyond December 2018.

“Moora College is the only local and affordable secondary boarding option between Perth and Geraldton servicing an enormous catchment that extends well north of Geraldton,” Mr Love said.

“The College closure was announced without a scerrick of consultation and with absolutely no consideration of the dire consequences for the families of the College students, the Central Midlands High School students or the wider Moora community.

“We are fed up with hearing that these students, some of them as young as 11 years of age, can board at Colleges in Northam, Geraldton, Narrogin or Merriden.

“It does not make logistical, nor financial sense.”

Mr Love said Labor members happily pedalled the story that Moora College is in need of $8.7 million but stressed that there had been no independent review to back the claim nor attempt to compromise.

“The Moora community has done an incredible job highlighting the lunacy of this situation to the rest of the state and the nation,” he said.

“Meanwhile we have regional students suffering further disadvantage – be it educational, financial and emotional – while a Labor Minister dictates the school and College they will attend.

“This is a Labor Government that is punishing the regions by slashing essential services.

“And for what financial gain?”

Mr Love said that under Labor, Royalties for Regions was all but dead, as it was raided to pay for everyday expenses such as regional school buses, water subsidies, education assistants and TAFE fees.