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Our Policies

The Nationals WA have a strong and fair plan to secure the future of our State.

Creating Local Workforces

The Nationals are passionate about the grow of regional WA and want to ensure you can 'live where you work.' The Nationals will do all we can to encourage the growth of mining towns into vibrant, sustainable communities as always intended by the legacy state agreements. 

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Building Safer Communities

The Nationals want people to feel safe in their homes and towns, because without safety regional communities deteriorate. The Nationals believe community values are important in building regional towns, and rising rates of criminal behaviour, drug use and a lack of respect for common decency all need to be addressed. 

We commit to addressing key legislation and developing and delivering community based programs tailored to reform and reintegrate offenders in to the community. 

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Regional Telecommunications

Proper telecommunication in regional WA is essential for community business and emergency services. While responsibility for telecommunications largely rests with the Federal Government, The Nationals WA are not satisfied that regional communities still don't have adequate broadband coverage. 

If re-elected The Nationals WA will commit $69 million in funding to ensure our communities have faster, more reliable and more affordable access to telecommunications.

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Agriculture is a vital part of the State's economy and WA is well placed to meet the increased demand for food and fibre from the world's growing population, particularly China and India.

The Nationals WA in Government have already allocated over $600 million to agriculture projects - a record investment that shows our commitment to the sector. Now we're continuing our investment to build on one of WA's most important industries. 

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Regional Education

A quality education lays the foundation for opportunity and success and as a matter of principle, the Nationals WA believe every child should be given an equal opportunity to access a quality education no matter where they live. 

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Not everyone was invited to the mining boom party but everyone has shared in the mining boom hangover.

To combat the Federal Government's shocking GST treatment, The Nationals WA have a plan to enable Western Australia to lead the nation in tourism product development, marketing and world class indigenous tourism experiences.

Why? Because all businesses benefit from tourism - not just tourism business but local cafes, supermarkets and service stations; in short everyone with a product or service. 

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Patient Assisted Travel Scheme

The Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS) provides financial subsides towards some of the travel and accommodation expenses associated with receiving medical treatment that is not available in regional areas.

The Nationals are committed to improving the Patient Assisted Travel Scheme with a $52 million investment.

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Regional Road Safety

Road safety across regional WA is a priority for The Nationals. The regional road toll significantly higher than the metropolitan toll, and the Wheatbelt has the biggest problem of all. 

The Nationals are committed to fixing it and will dedicate $61 million to improve road safety by creating a community action and safer roads fund, reviewing the operations of the Road Trauma Trust Account and increasing police presence. 

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The Nationals understand the economic and social benefits of racing and will invest to ensure a strong industry in WA.

The Nationals WA commit to investing $24 million into the industry as support the sale of the WATAB, providing a series of conditions are met which are in the best interests of the racing industry. 

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Updating State Agreements

The Nationals WA believe it's about time we updated our State Agreements so that everybody, not just mums and dads, pays their fair share.

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Payroll Tax Reform

The Nationals WA are the Party for small business and have a proposed to deliver payroll tax relief for small to medium business as well as incentives for small businesses that fall below the payroll-tax threshold.

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Royalties for Regions

After gaining the Balance of Power at the 2008 State election, The Nationals WA introduced our flagship policy – Royalties for Regions.

Since its inception Royalties for Regions has supported more than 3,600 projects across the State and invested $6.1 billion back into regional WA communities to boost regional health, education, tourism,  infrastructure, emergency services, mobile phone coverage, agriculture, Aboriginal initiatives, sporting facilities and much more.

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Local Government

We oppose forced local government amalgamations while supporting local councils working together to provide services to their communities. 

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The Nationals WA support the rights of landholders to veto un-conventional gas exploration and extraction on their property. If re-elected, we will introduce legislation to allow property owners to say no.

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Regional Mountain Bike Trails

Well planned, purpose-built mountain bike trails attract local and international tourists, create employment and stimulate regional economies.

The Nationals WA commit to $24 million in funding over four years towards establishing mountain bike trails, hubs and events in regional communities to ensure Western Australia becomes a destination of choice for domestic and international participants. 

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