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Reforming Payroll Tax

The Nationals WA are the party for small business and with our reform they'll soon be booming.

The Nationals WA have a proposed to deliver payroll tax relief for small to medium business as well as incentives for small businesses that fall below the payroll-tax threshold.

The Nationals WA will increase the payroll tax exemption threshold from $850,000 to $5 million for a period of two financial years. Our plan will also see the diminishing threshold retained for businesses with a wage bill between $5 million and $7.5 million.

Major payroll tax reductions will help stimulate employment and make it easier for employers to invest in equipment, infrastructure and to hire new workers.

The Nationals WA recognise small businesses without payroll tax obligations play an important role in employing local workers and providing training and skills development.

For a period of two financial years, The Nationals WA will provide a grant of $5,000 per employee for small businesses which create new jobs in their business and maintain the position for one year.

The Small Business Kick-start Grant is expected to cost $10 million per year or $20 million over the two year period. This would be funded by The Nationals’ plan to increase the iron ore Special Lease Rental.

To find out more about The Nationals WA payroll tax reform read our policy paper here.