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Peel Harvey part of $20 million estuaries investment

For more information, contact Colin Holt (Member for the South West Region).

  • Six South West regional estuaries targeted for action
  • Made possible by Royalties for Regions

The Peel-Harvey estuary system is one of six waterways in the State’s South West targeted for action under the State Government’s $20 million Regional Estuaries Initiative.

Nationals Member for the South West Region, Colin Holt MLC said the four year program would be funded through Royalties for Regions.

“Under the initiative, $6 million will be spent improving the health of the Peel-Harvey estuary through a range of on-ground works such as soil and water testing, farm effluent management upgrades, fencing, revegetation and drainage site works,” Mr Holt said.

“New science and modelling will also be undertaken, regional capacity will be boosted, and there will also be employment and training opportunities.

“Restoring the function and improving the health of the Peel-Harvey system will contribute to the sustainability of our region and its communities for future generations.”

The initiative brings together government, industry, landowners and the wider community and unites current activities and future actions across all of these groups for a greater collective impact.

“Business and recreational activities around our regional waterways are a valuable part of creating a vibrant and livable community,” Mr Holt said.

“It is great to see Royalties for Regions investments such as this contributing to the longevity of the state’s natural beauty and paving a brighter future for everyone in our regions.”

Visit for more information on the Regional Estuaries Initiative.

Fact File

Estuaries targeted are Peel-Harvey $6 million, Leschenault $7.5 million, Hardy Inlet $2 million, Wilson Inlet $2 million, Oyster Harbour $2 million, Vasse Geographe $0.5 million.

Priorities and actions in the region include:

  • Funding of the Peel Harvey Catchment Council for training, employment and long term management strategies for the Peel Harvey estuary and catchment
  • Partnering with catchment and industry groups and farmers to reduce the nutrient runoff from farms and improve soil health
  • Trialling new materials to treat soil, water and drains
  • Working with catchment groups to restore stream function and modifying drainage to improve water quality
  • Updated modelling to evaluate potential management actions
  • Increased monitoring in the Peel Harvey estuary and its catchments