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Plan for cheaper regional flights launched

For more information, contact Dave Grills (Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region).

The Nationals WA have committed $125 million to address airfare affordability and route development across regional WA, at the Party’s official campaign launch.

Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Dave Grills MLC said The Nationals’ would commit to the establishment of a Select Committee of Parliament to investigate and deliver recommendations on the allocation of the Fund.

"The Nationals WA are the only party with a real plan to deliver more affordable airfares and increased connectivity on regional air routes," Mr Grills said.

"Regional airfares are unacceptably high and these cost barriers hamper economic development. Unaffordable airfares are a serious concern for residents of places like the Goldfields, Pilbara, Mid West and Kimberley as they disadvantage local communities and businesses.

"The Nationals’ commitment means we are now the Party of lower airfares and better connected flights for regional people."

Mr Grills said the Fund would be delivered as part of The Nationals’ $610 million strategy to transform the State’s tourism industry.

"The Seizing the Opportunity in Tourism initiative is focused on developing tourism infrastructure, cheaper air travel, destination marketing and more regional events to drive tourism expansion in WA," Mr Grills said.

"This investment will be a game-changer for tourism and local economies across the Mining and Pastoral Region. It will help communities from the Kimberley to the Goldfields tap into the vast tourism potential that exists in our regions."

Mr Grills said the policy would be funded by The Nationals' plan to increase the special lease rental paid by big miners from 25 cents per tonne to $5/t and would also build on the Party's commitment to slash payroll tax for 10,000 WA businesses.  

"The Nationals’ plan is a tourism investment revolution and will enable WA to lead the nation in tourism product development, marketing and world class indigenous tourism experiences," Mr Grills said.

"Unlike the major parties, we have a comprehensive plan to diversify the State’s economy and have a funding source to deliver it."

For media enquiries contact Dave Grills MLC on (08) 9071 500 or email