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Play money for Regional Childcare Services

For more information, contact Terry Redman (Member for Warren-Blackwood).

Member for Warren-Blackwood, Terry Redman is a great advocate of regional childcare services saying they deliver enjoyable social times for children, and provide choices for parents to participate in activities or take up work opportunities.

“Families in the regions need the same level of access to quality childcare as those in metropolitan areas, however they face unique challenges due to issues such as distance, isolation and a lack of resources,” Mr Redman said.

“In order for our regional communities to thrive and be attractive for young families to live, it is important there are appropriate facilities and services,” he said. 

In January, the Liberal-National Government committed $3 million from Royalties for Regions into childcare services in regional WA. The McGowan Government has now reduced this to $1.65 million. 

“I sincerely hope this is just the first of funding announcements for regional childcare, and I will continue to lobby for funding to enhance the sustainability and quality of childcares services in regional Western Australia,” Mr Redman said.

“Whilst I welcome the McGowan Labor Government’s announcement to provide funding to this sector, I am extremely disappointed that the funding is reduced by nearly half,” Mr Redman said.

“With childcare funding almost halved, the Emergency Services Volunteer Fuel Card halved, and no funding allocated to the RAC South West Emergency Rescue helicopter, I can’t help but wonder what will be next.”