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Redman urges farming families to talk about safety

For more information, contact Terry Redman (Member for Warren-Blackwood).

Member for Warren-Blackwood, Terry Redman is encouraging farming families to use 2017 National Farm Safety Week as the impetus to talk about all aspects of safety across the farm.

Now in its 19th year, this year’s National Farm Safety Week will take place from July 17-21, and will centre on the theme “creating a resilient, safe and healthy ag community”.

“When I was principal of Denmark Agricultural College, I stressed the importance of safety to students, as farm-related incidents account for a significant number of workplace injuries and fatalities in Australia,” Mr Redman said.

“Machinery, animals and chemical use are common hazards that make farming a high risk occupation.”

“Most of us love riding around on a quad bike, however these bikes accounted for the highest number of deaths and injuries on farms last year.  This was due to them being used for tasks beyond their design limits, towing loads, and riders not wearing helmets,” Mr Redman said.

“National Farm Safety Week is an important opportunity to start the safety conversation at the dinner table, and at workplaces across the farming sector and in regional communities.”

“Farm safety should be a priority for everyone in the sector to ensure farmers, workers, visitors and families can enjoy a safe work environment.”

“While significant progress has been made, there is still a long way to go to eliminate on-farm fatalities completely.”

National Farm Safety Week is an initiative of FarmSafe Australia to raise awareness with the aim of reducing deaths and injuries associated with health and safety risks on farms.

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