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For more information, contact Mia Davies (Leader | Member for Central Wheatbelt).

The Nationals WA will deliver a $610 million strategy to transform the State’s tourism sector if returned to Government at next month’s State election.

Member for Central Wheatbelt Mia Davies MLA said the Seizing the Opportunity in Tourism initiative was focused on developing tourism infrastructure, cheaper domestic air travel, destination marketing and more regional events to drive tourism expansion in WA.

“All businesses benefit from tourism – not just those directly involved in the tourism sector, but local cafes, supermarkets, service stations, everyone,” Ms Davies said.

She said the policy would stimulate the State’s economy and assist it to recover after the mining boom economy wound down and jobs were being shed in the mining sector.

“Not everyone was invited to the mining boom party, but everyone has shared in the mining boom hangover,” Ms Davies said.

“Coupled with the Federal Government’s shocking GST treatment, it is clear WA needs a bold new vision to fight our way out of the economic downturn.

“This is why over the next four years, The Nationals WA will expand our focus on tourism to diversify the economy in response to the post-mining boom economic slowdown.”

The Nationals’ tourism policy will invest $610 m over five years into: 

  • $200 m – Tourism Product Headworks and Roadworks Fund

  • $125 m – Regional Aviation Affordability Fund

  • $125 m – Destination Marketing

  • $75 m – Indigenous Experience Development Fund

  • $75 m – Regional Events Program

  • $10 m – Visitor Centres Network/WAITOC

Ms Davies said the policy would be funded by The Nationals’ plan to increase the special lease rental paid by big miners from 25 cents per tonne to $5/t and would also build on the Party’s commitment to slash payroll tax for 10,000 WA businesses.

Member for the Agricultural Region Hon Martin Aldridge MLC said The Nationals WA were leading the way when it came to bolstering our State’s economy.

“Unlike the major parties, we have a comprehensive plan to diversify the State’s economy and have a funding source to deliver it,” Mr Aldridge said.

To read the full policy please follow this link:

For media enquiries please contact Mia Davies on 08 9041 1702 (Merredin office), 08 9622 2871 (Northam office) or email