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WA Labor Sells Out State's Sheep and Cattle Farmers

For more information, contact Colin de Grussa (Member for the Agricultural Region).

19 March 2018

Nationals WA Spokesperson for Agriculture Colin de Grussa MLC has supported industry concerns about the recent announcement that the Labor Government would consider privatising the Muchea Livestock Centre in order to fund the new Boyanup saleyard.

“Prior to the 2017 State Election, the Labor Government crowed about being anti-privatisation, yet 12 months later they’re considering privatising an important piece of agricultural infrastructure,” Mr de Grussa said.

“The Minister for Agriculture has also failed to properly consult with the industry, demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of the importance of the Muchea Saleyards to the farming community.

The sale of the Muchea Livestock Centre has been labelled as “non-negotiable” by industry, who are disappointed by the lack of consultation from the Minister for Agriculture.  

“I am very concerned that any privatisation of the Muchea Livestock Centre would see a significant increase in selling costs for all livestock producers while a private operator worked to recoup the purchase cost from users,” Mr de Grussa said.

“Livestock producers are already facing so many challenges, and this would be an unnecessary impost imposed by a Government who fails to understand the industry.

When in Government The Nationals WA committed to funding new sale yards in Boyanup, and Labor failed to honour this funding commitment in the 2017-18 budget.

“The Nationals WA fully support the construction of replacement saleyards for Boyanup at a Greenfield site away from the town centre and we had put money aside to do so,” Mr de Grussa said.

“Labor are slashing regional projects in order to fund their big city commitments, so there is no guarantee that funds raised from selling the Muchea Livestock Centre would even be spent on the Boyanup saleyard.”

“There’s every likelihood that any funds raised would be spent on Metronet or other metro-focused election projects.”