What We Believe

The theme that runs throughout The Nationals WA’s policy is that regional WA is front and centre in our thinking. We are the only party that solely represents regional WA, and as a result we don’t have to listen to city-based politicians in our party room.

We have always said that we are a party that has a common interest because of where we come from – regional WA – and not because of some abstract political ideology.

Our party believes the following:

  • People living in regional WA should have the same standard of living as people living in Perth.
  • Decentralisation of population to regional WA is beneficial to the whole State and should be pursued.
  • Royalties for Regions should deliver what we made the program for – delivering over and above normal government funding.
  • Decisions should be made on a local level – feeding ideas up to government rather than government dictating what’s good for communities.
  • Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association should be guaranteed.
  • Creating a regulatory environment in which business can flourish and support the communities in which they operate.
  • Balanced development of industry and community.
  • Provision of adequate care for those who can’t care for themselves.
  • Prudent conservation of Western Australia’s environment and natural resources.

The Nationals WA will work towards these aims at all times, and will push our regional focus when we’re in government.

Policy Contacts

Our MPs each have portfolios they cover to make sure The Nationals WA are in contact with as many people as possible. A list of our MPs and their portfolios is available here.