The Nationals WA’s have proposed a Private Property Rights Bill which is therefore a cornerstone of our commitment to regional Western Australia.

This Bill will be crafted to protect and empower landowners and businesses, ensuring they are shielded from unnecessary government overreach and bureaucracy. This isn’t just policy – it’s the Nationals WA’s promise to trust the people of our regions, those most deeply connected to the land, to be the primary decision-makers for their own future.

Through this legislation, we will pave a clear path for regional WA, ensuring the opportunities of tomorrow aren’t stifled by the constraints of today. This is our pledge to usher in a new era where our regional communities thrive on their terms, driven by their vision. This will begin by listening to the communities and understanding their needs on the ground.

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Our State is tired of Labor’s handbrake on WA and The Nationals are ready to take up the fight.


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