“This election there’s a real risk of the Labor Party controlling both Houses of Parliament, leaving our regional communities, businesses and industries exposed to a Government that doesn’t care about us.

The greatest risk would be Labor pursuing their long-standing policy of One Vote One Value in the Upper House.

Over the last four years The Nationals WA have worked hard to hold the Labor Government to account – we’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with our communities and fought back when the Government attacked the things important to you – like protecting our Community Resource Centres, Moora Residential College, and our School of the Air.

If Labor gains control of the Upper House and introduces One Vote One Value they will silence regional voices and could change or scrap Royalties for Regions.

To protect regional communities and regional voices, make sure you vote for The Nationals WA on both ballot papers.”

Mia Davies MLA, Leader of The Nationals WA

WA Labor and The Greens have a plan to silence regional voices

“Conference requests the Minister for Electoral Affairs to begin consultations immediately to devise and implement One Vote One Value for the Upper House for the 2021 election.” WA Labor Platform

“The WA Upper House is a blight on democracy in Australia” Former Labor leader Jim McGinty, February 8, 2021

“(The Greens) are committed to moving towards a one-vote one-value model” WA Greens Leader Alison Xamon. The Australian, February 8, 2021

What does One Vote One Value mean?

WA currently has six regions in the Upper House – three in Perth (East Metro, North Metro, South Metro) and three in the regions (South West, Agricultural, Mining & Pastoral) each represented by six Member of Parliament.

One Vote One Value would mean less Members of Parliament in regional WA, because less people live in the regions. It would also mean less opportunity for debate or changes to laws that impact our regions like:

  • Labor’s tough new industrial manslaughter laws which would see farmers thrown in jail.
  • Labor’s planned take-over of WA’s $500 million rock lobster industry.
  • Enhancing powers for agricultural inspectors.
  • Increasing the Gold Tax.
  • Scrapping Royalties for Regions.
  • More red and green tape for industry.

In 2018 the WA Labor Party outlined three options to introduce One Vote One Value in the Upper House.

Upper House RegionsPoliticians per region
Current SystemOption A
Adjusted Ratio
Option B
New Metro Regions
Option C
Single Region
East Metro69536 MPs represent the whole State.

All regional seats abolished.
North Metro695
South Metro695
Central Metro005
South East Metro005
South West635
Mining & Pastoral633
Total City/Regional MPs18/1829/725/1136/0

How can we protect regional voices?

Call or email your local candidates for the upcoming election and ask them to rule out Upper House reform.

Then Vote 1 for The Nationals WA on both ballot papers to ensure regional WA has a strong voice in State Parliament.