Under The Nationals WA and Royalties for Regions, regional WA was being rebuilt. Projects like telehealth, aged care, hospitals and aged care were a priority in regional communities for the first time in decades.

But the recent State Budget shows the McGowan Labor Government only cares about Perth –  announcing new funding for projects like Metronet and the redevelopment of the East Perth Power Station, while essential services in the regions, including local hospitals and schools are neglected.

While more than $4.1 billion of WA taxpayers money will be thrown at Metronet over the next four years, Royalties for Regions funding has been slashed to less than $1 billion per year, and is being eaten up by Water Corporation and TAFE subsidies, school buses, and remote essential services which should be funded through ordinary government spending.

It’s not the only sneaky move in the State Budget. We’ve also found more than $320 million meant for Royalties for Regions which will instead go back into the Government coffers, underspending on regional health positions, and deceptive claims about agriculture funding.

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