Welcome to The Nationals WA’s platform for defending the rights of firearm owners and enthusiasts in Western Australia.

The Nationals WA has been inundated with concerns raised by West Australians who are passionate about ensuring public safety and who wish to seek clarity on how the many elements of the Government’s legislative agenda will improve safety without impacting people’s legitimate business, sporting, and recreational uses of firearms.

This legislation, under the guise of public safety, lacks genuine consultation with the firearm community and seems driven more by ideology than practicality.

At The Nationals WA, we proudly stand with licensed firearm owners, recognising the vital role responsible gun ownership plays in our society.

Despite our efforts to refer the Firearms Bill 2024 to the Community Development and Justice Standing Committee for thorough scrutiny, the Government’s parliamentary majority thwarted this attempt at transparency.

As the Bill moves to the Legislative Council, led by our spokesperson, the Hon Louise Kingston MLC, we remain the sole political party opposing Labor’s draconian legislation. These reforms represent yet another encroachment on the private property rights of Western Australians.

Together, we will continue championing the interests of shooting and outdoor enthusiasts across our great State. Join us in defending our rights and preserving our way of life.


Retrospective removal of written consent for all shooters will punish every shooter, landholder, and sporting club in the state without evidence supporting the need of such a measure.

Mandatory mental health checks will divert critical health services away from West Australians who need them, especially for those in regional areas where services are scarce.

Mandatory mental health checks may have the perverse outcome of increasing reluctance in the community to seek support for genuine mental health concerns.

Placing arbitrary caps on the number of firearms a licensee may own are not supported by evidence and ignores the fact every licensed firearm in the State has had its genuine need established.

Restricting a licensed firearm to be used only in the setting for which it has received written authority places unnecessary bureaucratic burden on landholders who wish to engage shooters.


Watch Parliamentary questions and debate from our Members of Parliament regarding the Government’s proposed firearm reforms.

Shane Love MLA delivers his second reading speech in the Legislative Assembly before moving a motion to refer the Bill to the Legislation Committee.

Louise Kingston MLC asks if the Government directly advised firearms owners of the proposed changes. Short answer, they didn’t.


Read media releases and other media from our Members of Parliament regarding the Government’s propose firearm reforms.


We welcome you to let us know your thoughts on Labor’s proposed firearm reforms and their attack on law-abiding firearms licence holders.