The Nationals WA are champions for the communities in every region of Western Australia. We stand for a fair and equitable State, wherein people have access to the services and facilities they need to live, learn, work, and prosper.



We choose to make the right decisions and lead the political debate, for the benefit of WA’s local communities and regions, without surrendering to other vested interests.


We respect the rights and freedoms of the individual and will ensure that fair processes are used to encourage the peoples’ participation in decision-making within the Party and through the Western Australian Parliament.

Fair & Equitable

We treat everyone with honesty, integrity, and respect, and we recognize the unique needs of the diverse communities and regions across Western Australia, while striving for fair and equitable distribution of services, resources, and regional development.

Common Sense

We act with sound and logical reasoning, based on evidence, experience and by evaluating the tangible effects, to achieve measurable and sustainable results now and into the future.

Regional Focus

We are the champions of all regions in Western Australia, celebrating the diverse physical, social, cultural, economic, and environmental characteristics of regional communities and by working to ensure that communities have strong representation in Parliament.

Community Minded

We celebrate and support the significant roles that communities and individuals contribute to creating sustainable places to live, work and play, and to ensure the amenity and prosperity of their residents.

Help shape the next government

While our values have lasted more than a century, our policies are always evolving. You can help shape the future policy platform of the Nationals by joining the Party. Nationals WA Members enjoy a range of opportunities to influence the party’s position on topics and there has never been a more important time for you to have a say than right now.

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