As opportunities within The Nationals WA come up, we’ll post them here.

President’s Advance Program

The President’s Advance Program (PAP) is an annual program run by the Western Australian Young Nationals. It reaches beyond our current membership to engage with young regional people, in the hope to introduce them to our Party and engage them in the sphere of State and Federal politics.
Political development, capacity building and investment in our Party’s future, are the central focal points of this program.

If successful – participants will participate in a year long program with a focus on community engagement, policy development and parliamentary insight.

President’s Advance Program Information


Shirley McKerrow Scholarship

The Shirley McKerrow Scholarship is offered biannually by the Women`s Federal Council of the Nationals with the aim of helping female members of National Party (and affiliated parties federally) further their journey to become strong political and community leaders. It includes a scolarship payable to the winner to cover the cost of travel and accommodation to facilitate a period of unpaid work experience in the office of a Member of Parliament, either State or Federal.

Shirley McKerrow Scholarship Information