To apply for a postal vote, fill in the form below.

If you require assistance or would prefer a physical application form be posted to you, please call our Postal Vote Hotline on (08) 9322 7856.


Once your application has been filled in and submitted, it will be provided to the Western Australian Electoral Commission for processing. Ballot papers will be sent to you by post.  Applications must be received at the Commission no later than 6:00pm on the Wednesday prior to polling day, late applications cannot be processed.

Please Note: It is an offence under Part VII of the Electoral Act 1907 s181(d) & (e):

(d) Directly or indirectly makes overtures to any person for the acquiring by gift or purchase, or who acquires by gift or purchase from any person, any early ballot paper; or

(e) Being an elector directly or indirectly makes overtures to any person for the giving away, or parting with the possession of, or selling, any early ballot paper; or who gives away any early ballot paper; or who sells any early ballot paper; or, except as provided for in section 92(5), parts with the possession of, any early ballot paper.