The Nationals WA have always had a primary focus on agriculture. We strive to make sure the people who feed our State and country – our farmers and pastoralists – are looked after.

Between 2009 and 2017, The Nationals WA invested heavily in agriculture with a more than $600 million investment into the sector.

In 2013, we put in place a $300 million agriculture policy invested into:

  • Agricultural Sciences Research and Development Fund
  • Asian Market Success
  • Strengthening WA’s Agricultural Biosecurity Defences
  • Boosting Business Skills of Agrifood Business
  • Boosting Grains Research and Development Support
  • WA Agricultural Branding
  • Food Industry Innovation
  • Helping Grain Growers to Better Manage Risk
  • Building an Empowered WA Agrifood Sector
  • Infrastructure Audit and Investment Fund
  • Muresk Institute – Agriculture Degree and Diploma
  • Northern Beef Futures
  • Sheep Industry Business Innovation
  • Water for Food
  • WA Open for Business

We want to continue our support of the agriculture sector.

The Nationals WA support live export because it is an essential means for our producers to access overseas markets. Without the sheep and cattle trades, thousands of producers across WA would be out of work and tens of thousands of additional jobs would be lost.

The Nationals WA stand in support of farmers whose livelihoods are threatened by illegal activists trespassing on their land. We believe stronger laws are needed to make sure our farmers can go about their business.

We also want to support the agricultural sector by granting them greater access to technology through better telecommunications.

Colin de Grussa is our agriculture spokesperson, and he can be contacted here.