Kirrilee Warr

Nationals for Geraldton

I am proud to serve this community that stretches from Geraldton to Kalbarri, to Mullewa, to Chapman Valley, Northampton, Walkaway, Greenough, Bringo, Tenindewa, and many stops in between.

As someone raising a family in the area, I am passionate about making sure our community, economy and environment are strong into the future. The ideas and concerns raised with me by people like you form the basis of my advocacy for the people of Geraldton electorate.

My advocacy work started as a project officer, working at ATLAS and Disability Services Commission, before taking my passion for regional people and places to the local government arena.

As a Chapman Valley Shire Councillor from 2013 and President from 2021 to now, I set out to be a new voice with a fresh approach to engaging with our community and working across the political divide to create a legacy for future generations.

Projects including the High-Speed Fixed Wireless, Mobile blackspot towers, sporting complex improvements, Coronation Beach Nature campground, Cyclone Seroja Recovery, playgrounds and local roads are some of the results of my collaborative advocacy style. Working with other local governments to champion the entire region through the Midwest Region was key to this work.

Our community has been hit hard by drought, bushfire, cyclone and COVID-19. With those challenges comes opportunity and I am more determined than ever to forge a path towards to bigger, brighter future for regional communities based on the lessons learnt and values we have rediscovered along the way.

I want to ensure there are real career prospects for people in our area, that ‘real’ regional development is a key priority for governments and that our communities aren’t forgotten.

My values and work ethic were formed as a teenager – watching and helping my parents run the family farm. I grew up in Chapman Valley and attended Geraldton Senior High School. I count many people of the region some of my closet friends – it’s one of the reasons I moved back to the area after completing a bachelor degree in Exercise and Health Science/Commerce at the University of Western Australia.

I met my husband at a local football match, and we now live at Nolba with our two and run a successful farming business employing local people.

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